In my life, I have had those I called 'friend'
From the time I was young to now that I am old
But not all friends were real, I must contend
Many have gone, their memories have grown cold.

Some will stick with you when times are good
But when things go bad, they turn away
They won't support you, even if they could
Troubles you must face alone, day by day.

Some will tell you only what you want to hear
But behind your back, they'll lie and steal
Their friendship is not real, the truth they fear
Sooner or later, their indifference you'll feel.

But there are those who really do care
They will tell you what you need to hear, the truth; they won't lie
Through good times and bad, they will always be there
A friend they will always be, till the day you die.

Friends such as this is worth more than gold
They'll laugh with you, cry with you or sit quietly by your side
Their friendship has stood the test of time, all things told
Their help, their support, their love they will always provide.

Their friendship I will forever hold dear
Our friendship for each other will never end
We are there for each other, day by day, year after year
Simply put, I call them my "Old Friends".

İRick Harris