The single rose standing in it's vase,
was a gesture of friendship so precious to me.
My new friend who lives down the street,
brought the fresh bloom when we had tea.

A neighborly touch that reached my heart,
a fresh smelling rose, it's fragrance so sweet.
So unexpected, a gift beyond compare,
I cherish the meaning of my friend's treat.

After our teatime with time well spent,
I sat and looked at that beautiful flower.
It's symbol of love and friendship so deep,
reminding of another friend who empowers.

The friendship of Jesus, my Savior, so true,
reaching out in love and compassion for all.
The rose remembered, symbol of love and trust,
petals pressed in the Bible, it's my save-all.

"A friend loveth at all times...." John 17:17

Written by Joan C. Nelson-Payne 3/20/10



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