Sometimes we meet people for a variety of reasons
A friend in need, a teacher, a healer or someone to love
They might stay with us forever; sometimes just a season
But to be sure, they are sent by God above.

Into my life God directed such a man
A brief meeting at first, but little did I know
My life would be greatly enriched, according to God's plan
All the seeds of wisdom in me this man would sow.

Our friendship started with World War Two history
I read books, watched documentaries and all that fare
But he opened my eyes to that time; let me see
A world gone mad because he lived it; he was there.

As time went on, our friendship deepened and grew
Listening to him and watching him, this wise old man
Would bring me to new heights, more than I knew
My spiritual walk became stronger, just as God planned.

His family accepted my wife and I as part of his family
Sharing meals, holidays and good times and bad
I continued to learn from him; love, patience and humility
He didn't know it, but he was a teacher; of that I'm glad.

I've shared happy times with him and sad times too
Heard his laughter, seen his joy and seen his pain
My love and respect for him deepened and grew
He is many things to me; my friend Wayne.

One day the Lord will call Wayne home
I will miss our time together, him and me
So for him, I dedicate this poem
A part of my heart I leave here, for all to see.

Dedicated to Wayne Terry
my friend and teacher.

İRick Harris
December 5, 2008



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