A Godly Man

A Godly man worships God
Praising Him for all He do
Praying for a change for the better
By knowing what is true.

He prays for a change
From darkness to light
He prays for strength
To win the battle of the fight

He prays God for courage
To help him stand tall.
He prays for courage
To knock down any wall.

He is head of his home
A hero to his family and friends
He would never let anyone down
Because in him you can depend

He is a man with vision
and sees things before it begin
Helping those in time of trouble
Making sure they don't make the same mistake again.

You will never have to worry
About not being at the right of Godís hand
You will be at the golden gates of Heaven
Because you are a Godly Man.

Kathy L Martin




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