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The lake was blue this morning,
Splendid in God’s light;
The man who tended the Lighthouse
Was filled with peace and might.

He found his strength made stable
In this little refuge place ~
He filled the house with music
Displayed his Bible ~ knew its grace.

He kept his windows polished like
The Lighthouse’s polished lens;
He kept the flowers blooming ~
Showed them off to all his friends.

There were lower lights he tended.
He knew how great their worth.
A man who could be trusted;
Who understood the earth.

There were many eyes upon him,
Wondering at his grace and charm;
Quick they were to summon him
When there was a great alarm;

And he was fast to answer ~
To supply what he could give...
People watched admiringly ~
What a way to live!

So they ask him for his secret...
Ah, his main resource he said,
Was to start the day off thankful
For the way that he was led.

When he heard the waves come rolling,
Saw the sunlight in the leaves,
Or touched the dewy flowers ~
Smelled the sweet and fragrant breeze,

He knew that God was with him 
Each hour of every day,
He went about with thankful heart,
Knowing God would stay.

A quiet and a gentle man 
That led the lost to God,
He held his blest integrity
Just by being who he was.

On the day he went with Jesus,
It was just as daybreak came.
He rose, spoke to his Master, 
Looked out the window pane.

An early morning shower 
Had left a mist again;
And the sun broke through and brought
A reflection through the rain.

A double rainbow cast its colors
Just as the sun broke through,
And then he saw a brightness which
He’d dreamed, but never knew.

He just ran out the kitchen door...
Knowing it was Him...
Was thrilled when Jesus said, “Well done” 
And reached to take his hand again,

The rainbow seemed to linger all
Through the morning hours;
And when they got to gates of pearl
And all the bright new flowers;

There were colors he had never dreamed of
There were friends and scenes galore.
There were rainbows of great happiness
Along a crystal shore........

Joan Clifton Costner
Copyright 1/26/13
Joan is a Heavenly Inspirations author
Under His Wings 


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