With every generation, it’s freedom that we seek;
So many years ago for me, I fought till I was weak.
A different time, but just the same, independence was my goal,
There were things I would not do ~ considering my soul.

For I knew Jesus Loves Me, I sang those words a lot ~
And I had many questions about the freedom that I sought.
There were many offers for help on every hand…
I had to keep my promise, I was bound for Glory Land….

Jesus paid the price required to set my spirit free;
Doing it, rejoicing, I gained my liberty;
Through pain and hating all the jeers, He saw what I would gain ~
He paid my price, for Paradise, I will never be the same!

This freedom keeps me bonded to the strongest hand on earth;
Though I can’t see, I feel it’s warmth when I am at my worst;
He strengthens me, and guides me ~ He’s there both night and day,
When I need His answers, all I have to do is pray!

So, Jesus, is the answer if you’d be free today,
Just speak His name and invite Him in, ask Him there to stay.
Your heart will always have the room for such a Friend as He…
Jesus is your freedom, and it lasts eternally!

Joan Clifton Costner





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