The Lord is my Light and my Salvation, whom shall I fear?
Psalm 27:1

Upon a far and distant shore,
there stands a glorious Light.
Surrounded by the deep waters,
it brightens up the shadowy shades of night.

Sometimes, we often cannot see
the path which lies ahead.
But, by our faith, we forge onward fearless;
with confidence instead.

God's ever present touch, upon our lives,
brings Peace, whenever the light grows dim.
We know that, in the times of darkness, He's there.
We can, always, go to Him.

Like the strong and sturdy lighthouse
which stands staunchly by the sea,
He guides, He directs, and He beckons;
to all His children, to you and to me.

His light is everlasting,
Leading the lost into His salvation.
May every distant heart be touched,
In every down-trodden nation.

He guides us with His tender counsel and care.
He keeps us in paths that are sure.
By His great counsel and His love,
Our storms, we can endure.

His light is as the rolling tide
that washes all sins away.
His light is the Light of Love
that is faithful, every day.

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© 2004 Sandra Lewis Pringle
Poetry from the Heart and Soul




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