On the horizon, I see a coming storm
It was foretold thousands of years ago
But today's society has failed to reform
The Bible says you reap what you sow.

The results will be too horrible to bear
There will be no place that man can hide
Those caught unprepared will quickly know despair
The unbeliever's salvation will be forever denied.

In this modern world, God's anger is growing
Society is trying to erase all traces of our Lord
Satan's influences are continually ongoing
It's not God, but worldly pleasures that are being adored.

Abortion, homosexuality, all manners of vice,
Same sex marriage, murder, a multitude of cults
Whatever the sin, people are willing to pay the price
If only they would read the Bible, they would know the results.

But there will be those that will be spared
Those who continue to stand for what is right
Those who turned their back to Satan; refused to be ensnared
They have obeyed God's Word and have fought the good fight.

But all is not lost; God is still waiting for you
Cry out to Jesus and ask Him into your heart
Ask Him for forgiveness and He will transform you anew
Eternal life with God in Heaven to you He will impart.

Rick Harris
İOctober 13th, 2006

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