As I go through the storms of life,
It is comforting to know
That God is right here beside me
Every where I go.

He walks beside me
Every step of the way
He holds my hand through
The darkness of the day.

I am caught in this storm of life
I have no where to turn
I called upon you, God
To carry me through the storm

He fills my heart with peace
And ease all of my fears
He comforts me when I am broken
He wipes away my tears

He will never leave me
He will always care
When friends desert me
I know God will always be there.

You donít have to worry
You will never be alone
Once you give your troubles to Him
It is like a love you have never known

Once you go through the storms of life
Your life will never be the same
You will have a new perspective of life
Because you called upon Godís name.

©Kathy L. Martin 2008



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