When Morning Dawns


When morning dawns, I am looking ~
Things to praise and thank You for.
Oh, God, they are so plenteous;
Every second more in store ...

The sunrise in its beauty, when
The birds just start to stir,
The music of the early morn ~
The beams of light that blur ...

To look like shafts of dewy light
That dances in the morning;
To choruses of angel wings
Imagined in the dawning!

Then, moonbeams dancing on my skin,
Stars twinkling in my eyes
As I lie beneath your perfect realm
And admire the midnight skies.

This night is filled with wonder,
Like so many nights before.
As I gaze into infinity,
I'm filled with awe once more.

Oh, what a perfect canvas
This midnight sky displays!
And such a beautiful work of art
God's handiwork conveys!

Who dares to count the stars above
And give each one a name?
It is the One Who loves me most
And is evermore the same!

I looked for You at early dawn
And You were faithful ~ true!
Still, at midnight’s darkest hour
I feel the hand of You!

"I will never leave you ... nor forsake you."

© 2004 by Joan Clifton Costner & Vickie Lambdin





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