There's no other place that I'd rather be,
Than alone with God at night by the sea-
The sound of the waves brings a quiet still,
To my restless soul in search of God's will.

My life took a turn with uncertainty,
A strange kind of twist had happened to me-
'Abandon' was all the Lord seemed to say,
No clue as to what this word would defray.

For once long ago abandoned I was,
As but a mere child not knowing the cause-
Tho' too young to see or spiritually know,
That being alone with God helps you grow.

So being alone with God is a must,
For life is unsure, there's no one to trust-
Except our great God in Heaven above,
Who waits to bestow His gifts and His love!

The price may seem great it may cost you dear
But being alone with God draws you near-
To His heart it's there you'll find He is true
And He'll be the One to carry you through!

Donna S. Mullis
Copyright 2008