Father, I'm waiting in the yard, ready to pull out
I've inspected my bus, no problems I can see
Ready to pick up passengers on my route
But before I go, let me pray on bended knee.

Help me as I drive my route today
to be friendly, courteous and always alert
Protect my bus and my riders; keep danger away
Help me to drive safely, so no one gets hurt.

Help me turn 'the other cheek'
When angry words are directed at me
Remind me, at that time, 'tis better to be meek
And be as helpful as I can be.

Help me to build up a trust between my riders and me
When they board my bus, they can feel at ease
Their ride will be smooth and trouble free
In my ability as a driver they will be totally pleased.

When my passenger's stop is finally in sight
And I open the doors to let them leave
Let them look back on me with favorable delight
knowing such good treatment they will always receive.

Rick Harris