The Lord in all His Glory Gave b
















The Lord in all His Glory
Gave beauty to us all
In nature's sweetest bounty
A velvet satin shawl

Enchanting us with joyfulness
For all in life we see
Touched by gentle softness
Repeating constantly

How very much He loves us
With words of constant giving
By seeing the magnificence
Through nature's way of living

So we bow our heads to Him
So grateful for this glory
Seeing how we capture love
Through light of life's own story

God is present always
In every blade of grass
In trees that stand magnificent
In every field we pass

A glow forever present
Within our hearts to stay
A moment of enchantment
That takes our breath away.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright February 20, 2010

Exclusively written for my friend
Rick Harris @ Planting His