God shares His Blessings with us



God shares His Blessings with us
He's with us every day
He tells us that He loves us
In very special ways

He fills our hearts with passion
He gives us eyes to see
The joy in each tomorrow
Is truly meant to be

Yet He knows we struggle
He gives us strength to cope
He's there for any reason
He gives us so much hope

So we ask for guidance
In all we say and do
Hoping we can follow
The road He's blest for you

So capture love He's sending
In Blessings that we share
Knowing that each moment
His Spirit always there

Love is where we find it
No matter where we go
It's in the joy of knowing
God love within us flows.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright February 28, 2010

Written exclusively for Rick Harris
and may NOT be used by others.