How Deep Is The Ocean

How Deep Is The Ocean


I dreamed my Savior took my hand; we walked by heavens shore.
Id waited for this time with Him, this One whom I adore.
I listened as He told me of the plans He had for me;
Twas clear Id not sit idly by for all eternity.

He asked me what would interest me, what things Id like to do.
I answered, What I want the most is just to be with You.
He told me folks were busy here, they didnt lie around,
But since Id just arrived, to take my time to settle down.

I listened as He told me all that Hed prepared for me.
Since heaven was so vast there was much more for me to see.
We talked about my life since Id received my Second Birth
And ministries that Id enjoyed when I lived down on earth.

He said Id serve in heaven and Id reign with Him on high,
But as He talked I bowed my head and soon began to cry.
I dont feel I am worthy, Lord, to rule and reign oer men.
When I was back on earth it seemed I sinned and sinned again.

Ive wondered how You could accept a sinful soul like me
To be Your bride, receive Your love so bountiful and free.
I did so much to cause You pain and wounded others, too.
I dont deserve to be here, after all Ive done to You.

My Lord seemed puzzled, looked away, then finally He said,
I dont remember any sin; I see My bride, instead.
I shed My blood for all your sins; Im not here to condemn.
Your sins are in the deepest sea and Ive forgotten them.

I laid my head upon His chest and tender was His touch.
I hadnt realized 'til then how He could love this much.
To think He took my sins and hid them in a special spot,
A place so deep and far away that even He forgot.

by Mariane Holbrook

Mariane Holbrook is a retired teacher, an author
of two books, a musician and artist. She maintains
a personal website at
and welcomes your Emails at