The Lord

The Lordís music comes to bless our soul ~
To give us assurance and strength;
It travels down to an open heart ~
It wakens ~ no matter the length.

We may hear violins in the breeze,
Or in the song of a bird ~
In the lilting laughter of children
Or a tiny cricketís chirp.

It has its own cadence and melody
To each individual ear;
To some it is muted and far away ~
To others, Itís loud and clear.

Itís a blessing ~ strains sent from Heaven
When your heart is weary and worn....
Itís a soothing and gentle reminder
When the honor won is your own.

In millions of ways we hear it ~
His symphony all through our days...
Weíll join the crescendo in Heaven
Where our hearts will be fully ablaze!

Listen hard for the music of Heaven!
Fine tune to the frequency there;
Make His Love the key for your soul song ~
Godís harmony vibrating the air!

Joan Clifton Costner

Lord, be my music...

Let Your Love be the key

Tuning my heart to Yours ~

Giving my life Your beautiful harmony!