When I heard the news you didn



When I heard the news you didnít need to ask me,
For I know what God would tell my heart to do;
And Iíd like to let you know that Iím in ernest~
Dear one, Iím sure praying hard for you.

There are many things we face with each tomorrow,
And I think it wise to always bend our heads;
To love a little deeper when the need is so intense
And bend our knees before we go to bed.

Our Father is so kind and we remember,
He even knows the numbers of our hair;
To mark the fall of simple little sparrows ~
In faith I voice your name in humble prayer.

For today, tonight and even for tomorrow,
Donít feel alone ~ and, please do not despair;
I bravely say aloud, friend, that I love you ~
Be sure...Iíll call your name...in prayer.

Joan Clifton Costner






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