The Treasure Hunter

 Artwork by John O'Brien
The Treasure Hunter

He spent his life gathering treasures so rare
That experts agreed there were none to compare.
He had searched the world over, and only the best
Were deemed worthy to add to his rich treasure chest.

Folks called him a hero, applauded his finds,
Gave honors galore and awards of all kinds.
His picture appeared in top books on success
And "dropping his name" was a way to impress.

The young and the old tried to copy his ways,
And countless newspapers were filled with his praise.
He lived in fine mansions and dined on rich food,
With sordid perversions to suit every mood.

He scoffed at the Bible and reveled in sin,
And thought he was smarter than most other men.
When some tried to show him how he could be saved,
He rejected their pleas and became more depraved.

He flaunted his wealth, as he broke every rule.
But, one day, God looked down and called him a fool.
For, he died with no treasure to take from this earth
And his soul was as bare as the day of his birth.

No Heavenly mansion awaited him then,
But only God's judgment to pay for his sin.
The demons of Hell laughed in fiendish delight,
As they tortured his soul in eternity's night.

His friends, back on earth, were just waiting, with greed,
To own all his treasures and follow his lead.
They couldn't foresee what would be their own fate
And they waited to learn 'til it, then, was too late.

2004 by Betty Jo Mings
Author of: "Poems for the Common Man"




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