Words That Shape My Life

Words That Shape My Life

There are many words that shape my life
Positive and negative, the choice is mine
Words that are hateful and cut like a knife
Or words that express love and are kind.

In my prior life before Jesus, I used words of hate
Bad words, swear words, hurtful words; I didn't care
I grew up hearing many of these, I thought, "This is my fate"
All the time sinking lower into Satan's lair.

But sometimes I would also hear words of love
Words that lifted me up and gave me signs of hope
And at these times, from the mire I was lifted above
God was telling me, "Turn to me and I will help you cope"

Many years passed before I let Jesus take hold
Good words and bad words still shaped my life then
But I finally accepted Jesus and forever I'll be in His fold
And now I always try to use words that never offend.

Compassion, mercy, forgiveness and love
Are words that lift one up and never tear one down
And these words now shape my life like a glove
Very simply put, what goes around comes around.

God's Words shape my life now and always will
And when I fall, His Word always picks me up
Even when my path seems totally uphill
His Blessings and His Words always overfill my cup.

He reminds me of His Words which I am to share
And when I use wrong words, I fall under His knife
But when I let Him guide me, I am always aware
That His Words will always shape my life.

İRick Harris
June 22 2004