If your world seems dark and rel


If your world seems dark and relentless,
seems no one is there to see you through
look to your side, you'll hear me say
you are never alone, my friend.

No need to carry those burdens alone
those tears you cry when no one sees
I'll dry your eyes and hold you tight
hear me say, you are never alone.

You have found a friend who cares for you
those sorrows hidden deep within your heart,
I see them all, though you try to run and hide.
In me you can confide, for you're never alone.

When you are feeling weak, seems you can't go on
on me you can lean, I'll be a shoulder you can cry on.
Pour out your heart, I'll be there to listen
I won't turn away for you are never alone.

I'll take your troubles and make them mine.
I'll help you lift up your head once again
to see the sunshine peeking through the clouds,
help you find the rainbow, for you're never alone.

I will always be there in good times and bad,
to share each sorrow and each joy
help lighten the burdens that weigh you down
in case you don't know by now, you're never alone.

You can trust me with your heart.
I will not break it into a million pieces.
for your friendship is a precious gift to me.
feel my heart reaching out to say today....

my dear friend, you are never alone.

©TinasHeart 09/13/03