When I was young
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When I was young, big cities truly excited me
All the excitement, all the sights, all the thrill
So many things to do, so many things to see
The urge to move to the big city in me was instilled

City lights at night, how I love them so
I moved to this big city four different times, always at night
From far away I could see the lights of the city aglow
They seemed to call to me with a certain delight.

I always preferred late nights, when the city was still
Businesses were closed and most everybody gone
Walking the quiet streets with just the city lights for a thrill
It would be that way until almost dawn.

After a summer storm, watching the fog start to appear
And the streets shining with newly fallen rain
Only once in a while would a car or another person interfere
I always hoped this time would always remain.

But the dark begins to fade and the dawn slowly arrives
And the magic of the night is slowly lost to the day
Alas, to the night and quiet I make my goodbyes
But I will return some other night for the wondrous display
Of the peace, the quiet and the beauty of city lights.


Rick Harris
January 5, 2014




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