Is That Someone's Mother Over There?


I wonder whose mother that is over there
Who sits by the window all day?
She says she has children who wish they could come
But all of them live far away.

Is that someone’s grandma who waits for the mail?
The letters she gets are so few.
She says that her family’s too busy to write,
But inside she knows that’s not true.

That widow who sits in the old rocking chair
Just stares into space all day long.
Though she is surrounded by folks everywhere,
She feels like she doesn’t belong.

There in the corner with tears in his eyes
Sits a man who still misses his pet.
The day that they pried his dear cat from his arms
Is a day he will never forget.

An elderly couple who sits by the door
Hold hands as they talk of the past
And the sixty-four years spent as husband and wife
When nobody thought it would last.

The nursing home staff, underpaid as they are,
Too often are over-worked, too.
Unselfishly giving so much of themselves,
They’re doing things families should do.

Somewhere there’s a mother who’s watching the phone
And praying that soon it would ring.
It’s been several weeks since her daughter has called;
A phone call would mean everything.

Remember your elderly mother and dad,
Who’ve nurtured and loved you since birth.
Honor your parents, the Scripture has said,
So your days may be long on the earth.

~ Copyright © Mariane Holbrook ~

Mariane Holbrook is a retired teacher, an author of two books, 
a musician and artist. She lives with her husband on 
coastal North Carolina. 



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