The lazy days of summer are coming to an end
School days are very close at hand and then autumn will begin
The watermelon, popsicles, and the lemonade
Are things you are enjoying now while youre sitting in the shade

But the splashing and the frolicking inside the clear blue pool
Will soon be changing places with a desk inside a school
As a child I treasured summer and I hated it to end
But as the years have swiftly passed, it no longer is my friend

The heat is so exhausting and I mostly stay inside
With the air conditioner blowing and the remote is by my side
I sit and watch the TV and the hours slip away
But I do remember summer as a child hard at play

Id stay outside till sunset with my brother and my friend
Playing hide and seek in shadows not wanting the day to end
There were barbeques, and croquet games, and homemade ice cream too
The beach, the pool, the fireworks, and lots of things to do

But somewhere awhile back I lost my energy
And I no longer run and skip, or climb the front yard tree
But the child inside my memory does all those things and more
She often sat upon the sand and gazed out at the shore

She walked that shore and picked up shells and made sand castles too
The lazy days of summer provided lots of things to do
She had the time to laze around or take a nap inside
But that added to the magic, to just take the day in stride

In the evenings she would sit and watch the fireflies in the yard
Then chase them down and capture them and put them in a jar
She would wonder how they lit up and would giggle out in glee
But then shed open up the jar and set the sparklers free

When the lazy summer day would end, shed lay upon her bed
With the windows cranked wide open to let the breeze flow in
Shed fall off soon to dreamland thinking of her day at play
Not wanting the lazy days of summer to ever go away!

By Linda Hogeland July 2010







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