The Poet's Thoughts

A poet’s mind is forever
Flowing with emotion.
The words we put on paper
Are filled with much devotion.

Our hearts and soul
Are put within,
Wondering just how
The words will begin.

Pen to paper,
From God is a gift,
To express His words;
Let our minds go adrift.

We deliver a message
For others to read.
One line at a time
And again we proceed.
Sometimes we awake
In the middle of night,
Jump out of bed,
To begin our plight.

We see so much beauty
That others might miss,
As we look all around
To all that exists.

Before the ink dries
God speaks once again
As the poem grows
From the words it contains.

As sure as we feel
The ink about to dry
We know in our hearts
Our words will not die. 

©Ruth Ann Mahaffey




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