Come with me and see the autumn colors,
As sunlight fails and evenings come too soon;
Come with me, the crimson calls, soon geese will feel the magnet
And wing their way south underneath the moon.

An artist copies from the Master Painter;
Photographs are planned with light in mind;
And I am filled with wonder and excitement ~
I canít discover why the habits bind.

It brings to heart the seasons I am facing;
While strengthening my faith in His design ~
For who, but God, could lay out all the blueprints?
And leave this trail of beauty just behind.

Like fingerprints upon all of Godís Heavens ~
DNA of His created masterpiece,
Leaves only One to praise and worship gladly
We feel the pull of His magnificence.

Remember crimson leaves ~ the blood of Calvary!
Remember blazing sunset ~ Godís great love!
Come! Stroll again, and feast your eyes on evidence
That points to our Creator up above!

Joan Clifton Costner