Autumn Beauty

The beauty of another season has now appeared
even though shades of summer, still linger near,
leaves of gold, amber, red, and brown,
decorate earth's canvas, as they drift silently to the ground.

Mother Nature once again gave the command
as God displays the artistry of His great and mighty hand.
Delightful bouquets of flowers appear in colorful Autumn hues,
to grace the landscape all around, with beautiful scenic views.

Only the Lord can change the seasons
only He has such power, which we cannot fully reason,
Seasons come and seasons go, as called forth by the Lord
For everything there's a time and season, as proclaimed in God's Word.

The beauty of Autumn is such a majestic sight to behold
rustic colors cover the earth, preparing for Winter's cold.
Soon the beauty on display, will change to shades of white,
and falling snow will soon glisten, in dawn's early morning light.

Each season of the Lord, has a special beauty all its own
In the splendor of God's creation, we even hear nature's song
The whistling wind among the pines, tell us winter is soon nigh
and as Springtime nears, the chirping birds, sing joyfully as they fly.

All creation praises the Lord, in sight and even in sound
The beauty of God's handiwork, can be seen all around.
The babbling brook proclaims its maker, who can always be found.
God's great love, grace and beauty, so freely abound.

Blessings In Christ,
Jo Ann Kelly 2005
J. P.'s Inspirations


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