“To everything thee is a season” Ecc. 3

The seasons come, the season go,
We tumble in our place;
Yet earth holds fast the courses that
The Lord God set in space.
When the earth has finished spring,
And summer’s in the past,
He brings to us once again
A glorious, color~ splash.

Without a paint brush or scaffold.
He drops the yellow down,
Like the little chicks in springtime,
Then he changes it to brown.
Sometimes it turns to red and rust,
Sometimes a golden blaze ~
And I catch my breath and linger long
At the closing of these days.

For the Lord is the Master Painter ~
Undisputed in the fall;
When He turns the earth so sunsets
Catch the colors of it all.
I think a life can be seen that way,
When our eyes are old and dim,
Still the beautiful color can be seen
When we’ve lived a life for Him!

Psalms 8:4....

Joan Clifton Costner
Under His Wings   Heavenly Poetry  
Joan is a Heavenly Inspirations author.
© 2010 by Joan Clifton Costner




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