My Heaven In The Woods

Up in the woods, where no one goes,
Way back there where the tall oak grows,
The animals come from far and near,
To drink the water that runs so clear.

There's so many wild flowers, as far as the eye can see,
With plenty of birds, butterflies, and bees.
Off to the side, just over there,
Stands my quaint little cabin, And my old rocking chair.

On my porch I sit for hours,
Just listening to the stream, and staring at the flowers.
The animals aren't afraid of me,
Some come up on the porch, and visit with me.

I love my little haven, way back here in the woods.
I sit and read my Bible, and listen to Gods Words.
For this is where I want to be,
Just my cabin, my Bible, and God and me.

©Sherry Falling Leaf Jones







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