Their roots snuggle beneath a blanket of snow,
waiting for God's nourishment to flourish and grow.
His rays and showers cause the snow to fade away,
tiny buds creep up through the mud and the clay.

Their small heads are bald and appear dead,
God's showers wash away the winter's dread.
His nourishment feeds and keeps them warm,
as suddenly as a new blossom forms and is born.

Some blossoms are purple, blue, yellow, and green,
a magnificent sight like nothing I've ever seen.
Their foliage grows and draws my eyes to them,
tinted heads bow as I clasp their bloom within.

The glory of Spring bursts throughout the days,
colors galore bring about fantastic displays.
Everywhere my eyes feast and glance to see,
blossoms capture the heart and soul in me.

Spring showers bring forth a newness to the day,
where souls come alive with a desire to pray.
In every direction God's beauty is present,
leaving our souls full of freshness and essence.

Spring showers open a world of happiness to all,
cause men, women, and children to stand up tall.
Renewal drenches as they see the grandeur abound,
God sent new life to Mother Earth for another round.

by Barbara Kasey Smith


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