What would you give for a day in Spring,
With bright green grass and windy hills,
Sapphire skies and cotton clouds,
And the fairy gold of daffodils?

What would you give for a Summer day,
With your own rainbow overhead,
Butterflies and hummingbirds,
Hovering over each flower bed?

What would you give for an Autumn day,
With leaves of orange and brown and gold,
The smell of wood smoke in the air,
And all of the love your heart could hold?

What would you give for a Winter day,
Whose landscapes glisten white with snow,
A blazing fire and a friend to share,
Sweet memories of long ago?

Is there among us anyone,
With wealth enough to purchase all
This loveliness, no human hand
Can duplicate, however small?

What do you suppose the price
And value of such things would be?
No man who lives is rich enough,
To buy what God gives up FOR FREE!

Grace E. Easley



Music playing is "Night Bird Song"
Composed & performed by Brian Crain.
Please visit his wonderful site here.
1996-2008 Crain Records


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