Winter Wealth

There's a breathlessness about winter
When the earth sparkles so,
The aspens, oaks, and maples,
Softly creak as brisk winds blow.

The ice-capped mountains whisper
And their echoes chant bold
That winter has arrived at last
With heavenly treasures to unfold.

A graceful ballet of snowflakes
Soon form a blanket of white,
These wee intricate patters
Pirouette while swift in flight.

Enchanted by this wonderland
Children's eyes are set aglow,
With the aid of fur-lined mittens -
Snowballs grow and grow !

Sleds are flowing o'er the hills
Like restless waterfalls,
Curious woodland creatures romp
Where stately pines stand tall.

Winter's wealth glitters,
But is quick to melt away - 
God bedecked it with gaiety and beauty
So grasp it while ye may !

Linda C. Grazulis



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