A Wedding Prayer

On this our wedding day,
We pray that God be near,
To guide us in each thing we say,
And give us fruitful years.
We pledge to live our lives in love,
To always serve Him true,
That He might dwell within our hearts,
And guide us faithfully through.

On this our wedding day,
We feel His love so near,
We seek to live within His way,
Throughout life's joys and tears.
God grant us now His perfect peace,
And bless our home with love,
That others may see the sweet release,
That's given from above.

On this our wedding day,
Please join us in this prayer,
May each one that is here today,
Seek peace through God somewhere.
For God looks into each ones heart,
To find the good that's there,
And wants His seed of love to start,
His glorious love to share.

On this our wedding day,
May God, His spirit send,
To dwell with us within our home,
Our lives with His to blend,
We seek His blessing for each day,
To help us grow in Him,
Among our friends, in His own way,
We'll give all praise to Him.

On this our wedding day,
We pledge to God our love,
As we united stand as one,
And lift His name above,
That all the world may see and know,
We seek His will divine,
That through our lives, God may show,
His will through passing time.

Roger Vick, May 26, 1985




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