Because You Love


Because You Love ... Always

It's not hard to write this poem while I sit here in our home
To honor you on your birthday, it's easy for me to say,
The man I first met is different
From the man I see today.

With only your car which became your home
Now you realize you were not alone.
His hand guided you in your job and your life
He also guided you to the perfect wife.

From when I married you in 'eighty seven
I knew you would show me parts of Heaven.
For thirty of your sixty years
We've shared joy and we've shared tears.
I got to know the man I love
That was sent to me from Heaven above.

Life is not always a dream
We've had our share of trials, it seems.
But our blessings, they just flow and flow
And where they come from we both know.

You're a man of honor and integrity as people know
And we watch as you continue to grow.
So have no fear as you enter a new season in your life
Because we will be there with you...
Your God and your Wife.

All my love forever,

written by Ruby Harris
June 2011
for her loving husband on his birthday.



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