I have a song singing in my heart.
The day you came and love did start;
Put a smile that shines upon my face.
True love can cause the hurt to erase.
With each new day, I know we will not part.

Lively we dance upon the wind,
To a tune that only love can send.
Not a typical love that seems to come,
More deep and softer than some,
Caused my shattered heart to mend.

Forever and always this will be.
In every way you want me to see,
Amazing your love is so different.
With kisses that are heaven sent,
You gently give all your love to me.

A friend for life is what I found,
That grew into love and did abound.
Every word you said I know is true,
In my heart I guess I always knew.
My heart I gave without a sound.

We count the days as time draws near.
Every day your precious voice I hear.
I want to spend my life with you.
Finally, I know what I must do,
Hold you close with love so dear.

Goodbye I say to my past,
Only good memories will last.
Soon I will feel the desire''s flame,
Only your love my passion tames.
This love has grown large and vast.

You asked for my hand and waited my reply;
I waited for time to pass and my tears to dry.
The last heartbreak tore me in two.
I took my time to give my love to you,
Now I smile, no more will I cry.

You are the right man it is true,
You taught me love I never knew.
I cannot let go or stay away,
My love grows with each passing day.
God smiled down on me and you.

Bella Russell