I have waited a lifetime
For someone like you.
I have search the whole world
For a love so pure and true.

It seems like only yesterday
When we were young and free.
No other love could compare
To the love between you and me.

We have shared so many years
More than I want to count.
Each day my love for you grew strong
I canít measure the amount.

Every time I look at you
I can still see a beautiful young face
My heart gets so heavy
Because of all the love that fills the space.

Even after all these years
You make my heart skip a beat
You are the music to my ears
And the dance to my feet.

Your smile is like the sunshine
That shines through a cloudy day
Your eyes are like the stars at night
that form the Milky way.

And till this very day,
I am never tired of loving you,
You make my life worth living
You are my dream come true.

Through every trial and tribulation
Through the heart ache and pain
I could always depend on you
To bring in the sunshine through the rain.

Iíve held your hand for so many years
Your lips I have kissed a million times
I hugged you more than I can count
And I am glad that you are mines.

Even when we are old and gray,
My love will still shine through.
You are a gift from God
And I will always love you.

Kathy L Martin

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