I'm wishing on a star tonight
please, tell me you hear me plea
if you know where my baby is
could you send him back to me?

We lost our way so long ago
for some reason, we had to part
and I've never been able to let him go
for he lives on inside of my heart.

Oh, please won't you help me?
I've searched everywhere, but I'm unable to find
the one man who I love so very much
I just can't get him off of my mind.

I'm wishing on a star tonight
in hopes that he is too
maybe he feels that our love is meant to be
and he is also calling on you.

Can you help us please?
I hope you are listening from afar
please bring my love back to me
I'm forever wishing on a star.

By TeeGirl7
2004 TeeGirl7 (All rights reserved)




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