It Was Just A Moment


It was just a moment, but a moment is all it takes for a lifetime of memories to flood my mind. Memories of happy, fun-filled days we spent together gets me through these times of worry and concern.

It was just a sparkle in some stranger's eye, but I saw your face looking back at me. Your eyes reflect the sunshine even on cloudy days. It is perhaps a reflection of the way you look at life.

It was just a song on the radio as I was heading home and the lyrics reminded me how very much I love you. It wasn't our song, but every song I hear these days is the musical score behind the fantasy life I dream of for you and I.

It was just the sweet smell of summer, a scent of rose, perhaps, that tickled my senses. I remembered that you told me to never buy a dozen roses for you when one is proof enough that God exists in our lives.

It was just a step or two into our backyard and suddenly I missed you. I want for us to spend the rest of our lives together. I want to come home and find you there waiting for me everyday.

It was just a warm breeze and I closed my eyes and thought of you being close enough to feel your breath on my face.

It was just that I was missing you right now, it was just that I am wanting this cancer to be over so that we can go on with life.

It was just that I love you so much I ache.

It's just that...I was thinking of you and I wanted the world to know how much I love you and always will.

"I believe in You!"
Bob Perks

This page is dedicated to Bob & Marianne Perks.

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