Love Affair

The eyes are said by all to be,
The mirror of the soul...
But the window to the heart opens,
With light of special glow.

What fuels my heart, makes it beat fast,
Like tiny captive bird,
Are soft words like a gentle rain,
That only I have heard.

Your tender touch and friendly smile,
Given to me alone...
Part of the journey that we share,
So special and our own.

After all these years together,
No words need to be spoken...
Feelings run deep, still shake our souls,
Our love a blazing token.

And when I look into your eyes
And you look then in mine,
We know the treasure that we have,
A love meant for all time.

There is no doubt that what we have,
And it's all because we care,
Would make all others smile and say,
They've a special love affair.

(c) 05/25/05 Loree (Mason) O'Neil





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