Love Never Grows Old

There are those who say this is untrue
they've been married many times; that alone it proves
true love never grows old; sometimes it dies
but I'm here to tell you, after 17 yrs, it's still like new.

Two young people can't wait to get married fast
convinced their love will carry them through
their wedding vows, although sacred, are hastily said
do they really have what it takes to make this last?

In sickness and health, good times and bad
these aren't just words, they're signposts up ahead
these things you must deal with or you will surely be sad
but if you're love continues, you're on your way, it can be said.

Ten years, twenty years, forty years and more
your love for each other still burns bright
your need for each other continues to soar
to others, your love is an inspirational light.

Even through bad times, sickness, quarrels and fights
you can't imagine your life without your mate
before you consider yours, you consider her rights
you still get excited when you ask the other for a date.

You often give in, even when you're right
you'll go any lengths to make her smile
your love for her is too great, so you'll avoid a fight
If she asked you to, you'd walk a mile.

In later years, when she needs help getting up or down
there's no hesitation on your part; you're there for her
because she would do the very same; help you around
your love for her is something you always wear.

When you do all you can do to make your marriage last
which includes putting God at the top of your list
always look to the future, never the past
your love and your marriage will never be at risk.

So someday when you see two old people strolling along
still holding hands, even though they're very old
their love for each other is like a song
True love never grows old!!!

İRick Harris
May 20, 2004