He stands there, surrounded by dusk, watching the approaching sunset
Realizing that another day has gone by and he is alone still
But he has continually prayed for a wife and so he does not fret
His faith and trust in God is strong; he knows his prayer God will fulfill.


He patiently waits for the right woman to come into his life
But he doesn't look for her in singles clubs, bars or the like
He doesn't want a part time lover; he wants a wife
She must share his faith and love for God...in that they must be alike.
A woman who will love him because he is a Godly man
She will stand by him in bad times and good
Together they will realize for them God has a plan
A marriage that will last a lifetime, as it should.
So he silently stands by the lake, watching the end of the day
Wondering if tomorrow he will meet the love of his life
"Let me meet my love tomorrow" he continues to pray
Someone to share all I have and someone to make my wife.


If not tomorrow, he doesnít worry...someday he will stand on that shore
With his beautiful and Godly wife, according to Godís plan
She will be everything he asked God for and even more
And never again will he be called the lonely man.
Rick Harris
©March 01, 2013





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