Two Hearts

Even before we were conceived
God chose our path in life
He would pick you for my husband
And I to be your wife

How could I have ever known?
That the Lord would send you my way?
And now I bow my head in thankfulness
That He would bless me in such a way

And yes, we have had struggles and trials
As life has tested our faith and love
Yet, we came out stronger and wiser,
When we have looked for guidance from above

Through all the hard times that we have known
I know the Lord stood... there beside us
Always holding our hands
Filling them with the seeds of faith and kindness
In hopes to always be sown

And by the grace of gentle hands
From up above so high
My eyes are now wide open...
To my blessings in disguise

So many times I did not see
That He often guided your own
In wiping my tears and mending my fears
Those that sometimes dwell in me

So today as I gaze upon my ring
That encircles my left finger
Still amazed I am so blessed…
Even after all these years
I feel our love will shine forever
Within... two hearts touch by God
To always... eternally linger

By Brenda Conley © 2003

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