Wayne &   Dorothy


My love, you know, this only happens once,
And we were blest beyond most earthly souls
To have the sweet romance within God’s plan,
And join (we two) as one, to make us whole.

While trials came, our family was raised,
Always the Name of God was holy here;
And little ones who blest us just to see
The blend of likeness to you ~ to me ~ so clear.

God was so true to be with us all the way;
Each path ~ whether up or down
We felt His love - His strength -
And never glimpsed a frown.

We sang the songs ~ we read the words
We kept the dust off of His book;
We lived a life alive with God ~
Not hidden when folks took a look.

And, now I wonder at how silently
Time tiptoes right beside us both;
Your hair is silver like my own ~
Yet still like youngster’s love we boast.

Preferring always to be in your company ~
(You do the very same with me)
I know tomorrow holds for us nothing
But to be together for eternity.

My love, my life, undying consideration,
Is perfect when sent from the heart of God.
His way has worked so well for us,
Understanding passes with a glimpse ~ a nod.

And shall we climb this hill now rather steep?
Our steps are slower than when we first began....
The sun is sinking ~ painting glories in the sky,
Give me once again....your hand!

© 2006 Joan Clifton Costner
Under His Wings
Heavenly Poetry
Joan is a Heavenly Inspirations Author.

This beautiful poem was written specifically for Wayne & Dot
by Joan Clifton Costner, my dear friend,
who also happens to be a very blessed and gifted poet.