Everything Is Gonna Be Fine


I used to worry and let troubles get me down
Everywhere I looked dark clouds were all around
Then I met the Savior and He put His hand in mine
Everything is gonna be fine.

Jesus has promised me I'll never be alone
He will be my side when I get home
I know that I'm rich and my treasures are in the sky
Everything is gonna be fine.

I'm gonna tell trouble to pack his bag and go
'Cause I've decided I don't want him hanging 'round any more
I'm happy in Jesus without a solitary dime
Everything is gonna be fine.

Well when I got a problem, I take it to the Lord
And when I leave it there, there's no problem any more
He takes my learnings, gives me peace of mind
Everything is gonna be fine.

Jesus died upon the cross to take away my sin
And I'm so glad that I can say I've been born again
I'm ready to leave this world, not afraid to die
Everything is gonna be fine.

Everything is gonna be fine.

performed by Carroll Roberson


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