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I wipe away the tears
As they fall down my face
Replacing them with a smile
Remembering the times we shared
As I sit in my solitude, reminiscing for awhile

Even though the years have added up
It seems like only yesterday
When I held you in my arms
Then you left... to go Heavens way

There are times I pull out the pictures
The ones I deeply cherish, to this day
As I gaze upon your twinkling eyes
I cannot let your memory...
Just simply fade or slip away

I'll carry on, as you would wish me to do
Yet, I'll remember you
Maybe in a poem of words I shall write
Or in a song on the radio
That drifts within the silence
In the stillness of the night

I'll remember you in the starlight
In the blooming of the rose
In the sweetness of the springtime air
When the gentle wind should blow

I'll remember you in the laughter
In all the joys that come along
I'll remember you in your children
As I help them to carry on

I'll remember you... in all the good things
As I go through my daily pace
All the kind and wonderful things you did
Making this world a better place

I'll share all the good, you did
All the kindness, will not simply end
As my hand replaces yours
My own shall now extend

Until my name is called
I'll remember you
I shall think of you with a smile
I will not say, "Goodbye"
For I'm only waiting for awhile
Until we meet again

By Brenda Conley (c) 2003



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I'll Remember YouSapphire Designs 2013