Loving memories we will never forget,
Sadly missed along life's way,
With silent thought and deep regret,
We think of you every day,
No longer in our life to share,
But in our hearts you're always there.

Gone are the days we used to share,
But in our hearts you are always there,
The gates of memory will never close,
We miss you more than anyone knows,
With tender love and deep regret,
We who love you will never forget.

God knows how much we miss you,
Never shall your memory fade,
Loving thoughts shall ever wander,
To the spot where you are laid.
Though absent you are ever near,
Still missed and loved, always dear.

This day is remembered and quietly kept,
No words are needed, we shall never forget,
For those we love don't go away,
They walk beside us every day.
Unseen and unheard, but always near,
So loved, so missed, and so very dear.

Author Unknown