Little Brother / Little Sister

Come on home, little brother / little sister of mine,
Come on home, youíre so weary.
How many battles youíve fought and lost;
How many scars you carry!

Each battle, you thought, the last one -
You were convinced you could win;
But I am tired of seeing you
Beaten and suffering, again.

Come on home ~ Dadís waiting;
Big arms open wide up there.
He wants you so, and, yes, He knows
Youíve had more than your share.

Fathers are always waiting
To see a son or daughter coming home ~
And this big Brother is here to say
Iíll go with you - Iíll carry you some.

You can rest in My arms, little brother / little sister,
You can sleep awhile and grow strong.
Donít worry ~ I never stumble
Letís, you and I, move right along.

Awhile back I did some time for you
In a battle you couldnít have won ~
So now, Iíll take you home, little brother / little sister,
Youíre one of those I call my own.

There are demons we fight and the struggle
Isnít always so obvious here;
There are souls that tremble in silence ~
Hiding away in fear.

There are warriors, too, that do battle
With a monster that just wonít die.
The world watches (with all the answers)
But not acting very wise.

Someone had a smile for you, little brother / little sister,
Someone, an encouraging word ~
Someone with an hour and spiritual power
Could have said what you never heard.

So Iím taking you home, little brother / little sister,
Where the tempter can come never more ~
I set your soul free! Come! Abide with me!
Letís be off for the golden shore!

Joan Clifton Costner

Joan wrote this for people who have had to deal with suicide
of their loved ones, for the families who has lost a loved one
due to various drug or alcohol addiction and those who has
lost a loved one after a long grave illness.



Photographer: Ian Britton

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