I stand at the window,
Gazing across the way,
Wishing you were here,
These are lonely days.

In my mind I know you are gone,
Yet a part of me keeps watching,
I miss you so much my love,
My heart is always yearning.

The path remains empty,
No returning will I see,
I am just sad and alone,
I long for my love true.

Time is supposed to make it better,
This forever emptiness that I feel,
Life will get better so I am told but,
How does one pass this feeling surreal?

I greet each morning with hope,
Completeness I strive to reach,
Daily the loneliness overcomes me,
Normalcy I deeply beseech.

I miss you so much my darling,
One day together again we will be,
Life is so lonely without you,
I yearn for your presence about me.

Gayle Davis
September 2, 2012