Weep Not For Me

If some day soon the words stop coming
Like they are coming now,
Do not fear and weep for me
And wonder where I am somehow.

For I will be in a better land
Free from all my pain,
And I will never suffer heartaches
And will have a brand new name.

I may be going home soon, I'm not sure.
Jesus will set the time.
Then I'll leave this world behind me
And to my mansion I will climb.

I hope I will leave a memory of me
Or be a blessing in some way
That when you stop and think of me
You will smile throughout the day.

That's what I really want in this life
Not riches, glory or fame;
But to win a soul for Jesus' Kingdom
And believe upon His name.

So, if the words stop coming to you
Please do not weep for me.
Just notice all the butterflies
And know I am set free.

©Written by Ann Hart



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