Family & Friends,

Planting His Seeds was born out of our love for the Lord and a true desire to "plant His seeds", and it has always been my desire to share inspirational poems, stories and so forth and I LOVE doing this and will continue doing this until my Father in Heaven directs me in a different path.

Also, let me state right here and now that Planting His Seeds is ABSOLUTELY free!  Planting His Seeds is non-profit and non-commercial.  We do NOT charge any fees, we do NOT actively seek donations and in fact, on our entire site, the only place you will even see the word "Donation" is on our home page and if you click on that, you'll then see this page.  In the last 4 years that Planting His Seeds has been on the Internet, all the costs associated with Planting His Seeds has been paid by my wife and I.  Our website is NOT about making money; it's about sharing Christian inspirational messages, and the Word of God, and "planting seeds" for the kingdom of God.

We do, of course, accept donations, and we certainly appreciate them very much.  As one can imagine, it does take a lot of time, energy and especially finances to maintain this site and our other site, ..."R & R Inspirationals", and it is getting more expensive as time goes on.  But MOST IMPORTANTLY, Ruby and I want you to visit our site, read our messages, let them inspire you, lift your spirits, and share them with your family and friends.

Thank you so very much and may God bless you and supply your every need.

Rick & Ruby