Alt titles in zipped file include:
Heavenly Mornings

There in the morning stillness
I slowly become aware of
Sunlight on my face and
The soft tangle of blankets.

Still too far lost in sleep
To move or speak
I feel your gentle touch as
You pull the covers around me.

Your loving gesture touches
Every part of me
And each time you do it
The wondrous feeling is the same.

Silently I treasure the moments,
And the joy of knowing
That my first move will be
Into your arms.

The world waiting outside is
So much less gentle
But for these morning moments
We have each other
And our own bit of heaven.

Lee Ann Ziola

This poem was written by Lee Ann Ziola, a friend of mine,
in 1987 and she framed the poem and presented it to me,
which I then gave to my loving wife, Ruby. The words to this
poem hold as much truth and feeling now, 2010,  as they did in 1987.

For you, again, Ruby, from your loving husband, Rick.